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We're thrilled to announce that Life with Lindsay is officially #1 in Middays on KFYN-FM 104.3 The River! According to Nielsen's Fall 2023 ratings, our show has captured the hearts of listeners across Paris and Dallas, Texas. Thank you to all our amazing listeners for making this happen! Tune in for more of the fun, relatable, and authentic content you love!

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Life with Lindsay Radio 

I have always had a different personality growing up and never really felt like I belonged anywhere. I was always teased for how much I talked and how loud I was, which used to hurt my feelings because I couldn’t help it.

But then I found Radio.

When I started in radio, I was a promo kid that would go backstage to set up for the On Air personalities to broadcast. I fell in love with radio, the On Air side of course, because that's where my quirky personality fit.

For once, I could just be me and I felt like I belonged. That gave me a reason to get out of bed and get excited again. It gave me a reason to live.

So when I say Radio saved my life, it really did.

And that's where the story begins.

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Exploring Lindsay's Radio Show & Podcast

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Coastal  Conversations

Life with Lindsay is a radio show that makes you feel like you're hanging out with friends at the table and catching up, not listening to a radio show.

Lindsay has a unique take on life and different segments on the show that will make you want to state your opinion too.

You are a part of the show as much as Lindsay is.

Radio Insights

Discover Lindsay's Podcast...

Nashville Revealed

Lindsay pulls the curtain back on what Nashville is really like, beyond the stage of the glitz and glam, when you move here.

Lindsay interviews artists of all levels about what this 10-year town is really all about. She also discusses everything else about Nashville, from traffic to the dating scene.

You can get a really good idea of what the REAL Nashville is like and then maybe you can decide if you want to move here or not.

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