About the Show

Life with Lindsay is exactly what it says it’s life with Lindsay, the host of the show…no topic is left uncovered and you never know she we will get to a specifies topic because it’s unpredictable…just like her life.
Good times, great conversations, fun segments, and contests are had when she talks about real life, relationships, inside country news, and concerts, when we can have the again! With Lindsay being single there is always a story!! However her friends are in relationships so there is always topics and conversations that are covered from all walks of life which never leaves a dull moment!

Along with great conversations, there are also fun segments that pull in different days of the week, such as; “Forget You Friday” “Talk about it Tuesday” and “Truth bomb Thursday’s”… where listeners can come on the show and vent about their lives their thoughts!

Plus contests! On Fridays “Who’s that Joe” brings in Nashville artist Joe Denim to tell a story about partying with an artist. As he drops clues to who it is… listeners then have to call or text in their guesses on who he is partying with! Then Lindsay announces the correct answer on Monday. All who guessed correctly are entered into a drawing for a monthly prize.

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