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About Lindsay

Well where do I begin lol…Hi my name is Lindsay and I am a die hard Cowboys fan, shoe addict, French bulldog mom, beach enthusiast, and radio is my one true love. It has taken me to over 8 states, thank goodness I love to travel! I am one of those people that tells it like it is but then gives you a hug after. Besides my love of sports, I am passionate about hearing other’s stories, and daily life always gives us something to talk about, that is why you can always call or text in to the show, so we can be each other’s best friends, because we all need one!

After living in Nashville, country music became my absolute favorite. I met so many talented musicians and I’m thankful to be able to keep up with them on my show! The Life with Lindsay show is all about real life and relatable topics! Follow the all the fun on my socials listed below for more every day! 

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